Saturday, November 3, 2007

November 14, 2007 New Models for Online Distribution and Audience Development

Join us as we welcome Brian Newman, Executive Director of Renew Media in New York, and Joe Zina, Executive Director of the Coolidge Corner Theater. They will be presenting two new models for online distribution and audience development that you will not want to miss.

Brian Newman will talk about the upcoming launch of Renew Media's REFRAME project. Reframe is digitizing and bringing together vital media arts from independent filmmakers, artists, distributors, archives and other sources of independent and alternative media and making them available to audiences in new ways. With an emphasis on socially and artistically important media that connects viewers and furthers the dialogue on topics such as culture, economics and politics, the collection will include documentaries, independent features and shorts, foreign fims, educational work, video arts and vanguard cilnema. Many of these will be available for the first time.

Reframe invites distributors, archives, filmmakers and other owners of film and video content to become partners. Some benefits of Reframe:

  • Non-exclusive: Reframe's is non-exclusive, allowing partners to continue distributing content directly or through alternative outlets;
  • Free or low-cost digitization: Digitization from a video source is provided at no cost and a wide variety of formats can be supported. For projects on film, high quality digital telecine is offered at a discounted rate, the cost of which is deferred. This is an excellent solution for any artist or organization with content "stuck on the shelf."
  • Digital formats: Reframe currently allows partners to distribute work through any or all of these methods:
  • Variable pricing: For each title, partners have the ability to set numerous purchase and rental prices to accommodate the educational market and/or individual consumers. More importantly, we've tiered your return so that you get back greater percentages on higher price points, for educational pricing;
  • Robust discovery platform: Reframe will launch with a polished website that will allow users to easily find specific titles, filmmakers or distributors, as well as browse to discover new works. .
  • Competitive royalty rates and collective bargaining power: Reframe has negotiated a competitive royalty rate with its current partner, Amazon.
Joe Zina will talk about the Coolidge Corner Theatre's new internet broadcast player- The Coolidge Internet Theater. This new generation web site will enable our film community to use the power of the internet to enhance the film viewing experience at the Coolidge. It represents a new way of thinking about the elements of a comprehensive marketing plan for the release and distribution of your film.

Joe will explain the possibilities for this new way of working with the theatre, will clarify the future of "day and date" theatrical release and will explain how these newest technologies can work in tandem with everybody's first choice: viewing the film on a widescreen in a beautiful theatre.

DATE: November 14, 2007
TIME: 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
LOCATION: Bernard Toale Gallery, 450 Harrison Avenue in Boston's South End
RSVP REQUIRED!! This is a FREE event, but, you MUST rsvp to attend.

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